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As part of the Martinsville Henry Community Nature Initiative our purpose is to create more opportunities for outdoor free time activities for the community. In collaboration with the Virginia Museum of Natural History we are conducting an ecological inventory of the Frank Wilson Park located in Martinsville, Virginia. It is our goal for this inventory to be a working nature and outdoor educational tool to involve community adults and children.

This inventory is also a great way student groups, scout troops, Master Naturalists, and Master Gardeners, to name a few, to earn volunteer service hours.

For any questions, comments, or ideas please email denny.casey@vmnh.virginia.gov.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Post Oak T9

Tree Identification Number (for editors only): 9
Date Observed: November 7, 2008
Common Name: Post Oak
Latin Name: Quercus Stellata
GPS Coordinates: 36* 41.174M.N 79* 51.750M.W
Height:107.3 Feet
Habitat: This post oak is located northeast along the stream
Description: 80% of this post oak does not contain branches. Kudzu runs from base up into the crown on this tree.
  • Phenology: 80% of the leaves have turned
  • Bark: The bark is gray, block shaped, and furrowed
  • Invasive Vines: kudzu and poison ivy

Link: http://www.dof.virginia.gov/trees/oak-post.shtml

Click here to find this tree on Google Maps under T9

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